What's New at Foothills Aviation?

New Roomy Hangar


Our new hangar is mostly finished and waiting for a little paint before we move our offices. Ah, the space!  Six planes and room to spare, so far. Next on the to-build list, the offices, the records vault, and storage rooms. Then, we'll be ready to paint and move in, by November we hope. We'll let you know when we schedule the Hangar-Warming. Email us and let us know what best fits your schedule:  flyfoothills@gmail.com


Congratulations, Jon!

Jon Kreilich, one of our flight school students, recently earned his pilot's license.  The sky's the limit, and we expect he'll fly high and come back to tell us all about it! Jon wrote about his final student experience, The Dreaded yet Much Anticipated CHECKRIDE!,  a short personal experience that showcases Jon's unique sense of humor as well as some valuable insight into how to survive a major milestone in a student pilot's life.



The 1946 Ercoupe will soon see another 70 years of fine flying.  We wish its new owner and pilot well, and we hope to see him landing here at the Foothills Aviation for Annual Inspections, Barbecues, and Summer Vacations.


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