Rick Baptista, Student Pilot, Drone Pilot, Mars Pioneer

Ricky Baptista

This blogpost falls into the category "Local Boy Makes Good," and by local, we mean Buhl, Idaho.

Richard Baptista, more fondly known here at Foothills Aviation as Ricky or little Ricky even if he is old enough to drive and go away to college, is working as part of an undergraduate research team on two NASA projects. In other words, he abandoned us for a more exciting life, and we couldn’t be more proud of him.

What's New at Foothills Aviation?

New Roomy Hangar


Our new hangar is mostly finished and waiting for a little paint before we move our offices. Ah, the space!  Six planes and room to spare, so far. Next on the to-build list, the offices, the records vault, and storage rooms. Then, we'll be ready to paint and move in, by November we hope. We'll let you know when we schedule the Hangar-Warming. Email us and let us know what best fits your schedule:


A New Addition to the Family

A New Addition to the Family


To the Foothills Aviation LLC rental and flight school airplanes that is!

Meet Lady Luck Ivy

Spring Time Update


I hope everyone is doing well and trying to enjoy the nice spring weather when we have it! It certainly has been busy here.


Leaves are Falling


It is definitely looking like Fall at the airport, the leaves are falling and there is a chill in the air.

September Update

Hello Everyone!

I hope everyone is doing well. We attended a Fly-In on September the 12th and it was sponsored by the Gooding Airport Flyers Association. We had a booth set up for introductory flight lessons for those that may be interested in getting their private pilot’s license. There was food, static airplanes, and airplane rides. It was a great turn out. Check it out on our Facebook page!

Airport Happenings

Hello and Welcome to our website!

There are some big things in store for us in the next few months and I hope you all can join us in our journey as we expand our business. As you can see we have a website now, we also have a Facebook page and a YouTube channel. Be sure to check those links out and like us on Facebook too.

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